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What is a Super Neighbour?

Are you an explorer?

Do you love spending time finding new cafes and dinner spots around the neighbourhood? Or simply just love telling stories about the estate through photography?

See something interesting about the estate that you want your neighbours to know? How about hunting down the best deals at the nearby supermarket or shopping malls?

A super neighbour loves sharing things about the neighbourhood to benefit everyone in the estate!

Love interacting?

Super Neighbours are people who are passionate about their estate and also promote neighbourliness and community bonding in the neighbourhood through their actions.

Connect with people to forge multi-racial harmony and social cohesion, and inculcate a sense of belonging among Singaporeans

All these, with NextBlock supporting you! :)

why be a super neighbour

Nextblock incentives

  • Super Neighbour Privilege Card

  • NextBlock Merchandises

  • Access to NextBlock Sponsored Events

Estate Admin

  • Organise Estate Events, with support from NextBlock

  • Have Estate admin rights

Merchant Perks

  • Discount and Perks offered by our NextBlock Merchant Partners

  • Both Online and Offline Merchants

  • Full list of Merchant Partners here

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