Reputation Points

What are Reputation Points

As the name implies, Reputation points allow you to earn points based on quality contributions on NextBlock and use them as a way to show your reputation to other users. As you level up your account through with higher reputation points, you also stand to gain rewards from NextBlock.

Treat it as our way of saying thank you for contributing to your community. :)

How to earn Reputation points

You can earn reputation by first participating and contributing positively to the community on NextBlock.

Below is a table that shows the activities we track in the systems and award points accordingly.

any limit on the amount of points I can earn?

There is no upper limit to the amount of points you can earn but we have structured such that your account will gain levels as you reach certain point milestones. This, when achieved will result in you unlocking a new avatar (and status) in your user profile. A summary of the levels that be achieve is as follows.

So, What can we do with these points?

Other than a status that you gain on the app itself, we are currently tying your reputation level to digital and real life rewards that we can offer to you. it's currently still work in progress by our Partnerships team at the moment and we will release more information once we have them confirmed.

Stay tuned to this page for updates! :)