Explore Your Neighbourhood

NextBlock connects neighbours to one another - and to happenings nearby, may it be the sharing of nearby deals and promotions, news updates or simply listing items on sale in the neighbourhood. 

Welcome to the Neighbourhood! 

What makes NextBlock different?

Building COnnections

We help you bridge that connection between yourself and every single neighbour in your estate  

Real Neighbours

Every single user is verified and ensured to be a real resident of every estate on NextBlock 

Explore Your Neighbourhood

Content driven by the community to provide interesting insights about your estate, waiting for you to explore.  

What is nextblock?

Know your neighbours

Connect with your estate and learn of latest happenings.   

Lost an item in the estate

Maybe a neighbour found it. 

Discovered a good deal

Share it with your neighbours. 

Have an item to sell or giveaway 

Why not list it on NextBlock?